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WelcomeTo Explorico

Explorico Indoor Playground is a purposeful and enriching space that gives parents and caregivers a place to bring their little ones to play in a safe, clean environment, while they can enjoy some much-needed “me” time, and interaction with other adults. Once recharged- they can join their little one in all the fun!

About Our Head Explorer

Connie Valdes

Connie, a dedicated mother of four, including an inquisitive four-year-old, actively participates in her children’s growth, drawing upon the principles of the Montessori Method.

With two decades of expertise in Brick & Mortar retail, marketing, and event planning, Connie plays a vital role in shaping the success of Explorico Indoor Playgrounds. Her extensive experience contributes significantly to the seamless execution of our initiatives.

Beyond her role at Explorico, Connie stands as an International Award Winner in Business & Sales Leadership. She serves as the Chair of Events for the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce, where her guidance influences diverse industries within the South Florida community. Connie’s advisory role leaves a lasting impact on the multifaceted development of our community.